Based on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood these pictures aim to challenge the roles supposedly played by the figures in the story.

Central to the tale, the boundless devotion of a mother and grandmother for their child unavoidably brings to mind the cannibalistic aspect of their “devouring” love.

Who is wolf ? Who is Red Riding Hood ? Grandmother ?? Hunter? Who is devoured, who is devourer ? And why does everyone seem destined to devour everyone else ?
At the root of this strange mutation which thrusts us back to our animalness, there stands the child. The child is inside the wolf’s belly and is reborn by coming out of it. The child is the constant object of our devotion, an object we may be tempted to “eat up alive” with our love.

Little Red Riding Hood reappears in this series as a black angel who encounters a menacing bear. When I was a child, this bedsid-rug bear used to frighten me each time I saw it in the dark room at the back of our house. Roughly folded up, its head resting meekly on its large paws and its sharp yellowish teeth showing unaggressively in its huge mouth, it lay there on the floor with as its sole companions the small moth balls ensuring its survival for future generations.